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Windward Notes – Worms in My Ears

by WCS Blogmeister

Professor James Kellaris from the University of Cincinnati created the term “earworm” to describe the little lumps of music that get stuck in your head and just won’t go away. They pop up out of nowhere and simply will Not. Get. Out .Of .Your. Head. He also published his own “Playlist from Hell” (beware…reading further […]

Windward Notes – Karaoke Science

by WCS Blogmeister

In the June 2003 “Journal of Voice”, a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information was published entitled, “Effect of hydration and vocal rest on the vocal fatigue in amateur karaoke singers”. Noting that it’s not uncommon for karaoke singers in Asia to sing for hours at a time, the researchers grabbed 20 amateur […]

Windward Notes is Born

by WCS Blogmeister

Welcome to “Windward Notes”, the latest addition to our little corner of the internet that will be appear as part of the News section of the site. We hope this blog will become a place you visit often to find out what’s happening, a source for things you might find interesting (or thought-provoking or informative […]