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Windward Notes – Hide In a Bunker

by WCS Blogmeister

An actual pre-concert quote from an actual member of the Windward Choral Society: “My wife likes me better when I’m singing in the choir. Best therapy ever.” Amen to that, brother. I don’t know about the rest of you but the Christmas music playing in the background EVERYWHERE takes all of about a nanosecond to […]

Windward Notes – Reflections on a Decade #7 (The Magic Touch)

by WCS Blogmeister

Susie has been saying it for 10 years…make eye contact with your audience. Make a connection with your audience. Also, look up from your music and watch the conductor (a subject for another day). That connection is one of the reasons that I sing in the Windward Choral Society. There are actually two: the one […]

Windward Notes – Hidden In Plain Sight

by WCS Blogmeister

Ah, concert night. A nice case of the butterflies, singing with the your friends, the crowd goes wild and all is right with the world. Our (always appreciative) audience came for a great show and weren’t disappointed and went back to their cars (in the rain) with big smiles on their faces. They saw and […]

Windward Notes – Blinders on a Horse

by WCS Blogmeister

A couple of stories to make a point… Mrs. Blogmeister and I were sitting on the lanai at Buzz’s Original Steakhouse (best Mai Tai on the planet) just hours after we had signed the papers to buy a house and move to Hawaii. Yeah, we were a little excited. We shared the space with a […]