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Windwward Notes – From Someone Smarter Than Me!

by WCS Blogmeister

When someone writes something so good I have to read it twice and it makes me smile and think it has the potential to change how I sing I’d be nuts not to pass it along. Mahalo to Gabriela Hristova for her insights in this magic list for singers.

Windward Notes – Plant a Seed

by WCS Blogmeister

I’ll admit it, my first reaction to John Starr Alexander’s “Requiem” was a resounding “meh” (don’t get mad at me, just keep reading). It just didn’t do much for me and the (seriously) rough run-through didn’t tug at me at all. Was I determined to give it my best? Sure, my dedication to our merry […]

Windward Notes – Give It a Rest

by WCS Blogmeister

So the week after the African American History Month concert Susie gave us a rehearsal day off to rest. I suspected it was more for her than for us given the drain that doing concerts on two islands had to have on her but I discovered that wasn’t really the case. I bet I’m not […]