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Windward Notes – Let the Games Begin

by WCS Blogmeister

All right, the open house is tomorrow, the season is begun and you new kids need to learn the rules around here. Pay attention, take notes, get a tattoo of the important ones. Rule #1 – Don’t be on time.* Rule #2 – Follow Susie’s directions during the warm-up. No, she hasn’t lost her mind, […]

Windward Notes – Merry Christmas – Already? Seriously? (Part 2)

by WCS Blogmeister

The last time I pounded aimlessly on the keyboard I talked about some of the silliness and fun that’s gone on over the years and today I wanted to take some time to remember some of the musical magic. There’s nothing in the world that sounds quite like a choir. Add a composition of brilliance […]

Windward Notes – Merry Christmas; Already? Seriously? (Part 1)

by WCS Blogmeister

Incoming…we’re just a few weeks away from the start of the fall semester, bring on the Windward Choral Society’s seventh annual holiday concert. Yeah, seventh. Wow. If you’re new to our merry band, welcome! You’ll like it here. We’re all friendly, welcoming, filled with the joy of music and juuuuust a little bit nuts. Don’t […]

Windward Notes – No Flea Collar Needed

by WCS Blogmeister

Pretty much every one of the Windward Choral Society’s concerts has included at least one piece accompanied by the ukulele. Hey, it’s Hawaii. Isn’t there an ongoing argument in the legislature about proclaiming it as the official state instrument (wait…an argument…in politics…say it ain’t so)? These days many (most) know that it was actually brought […]

Windward Notes – Did You Hear THAT?!?!

by WCS Blogmeister

One of Singapore’s major attractions is the Night Safari, a “nocturnal zoo”. Unlike other zoos I’ve been to, this one doesn’t open until it’s good and dark and the different habitats are then lit to make them visible. News flash: it’s hot in the jungle during the day, meaning lots of animals are really active […]