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Windward Notes – Where In the World Are the Singers?

by WCS Blogmeister

So this is just really cool. Not only is the piece of music unique (reminds me of a Brazilian rain forest piece we did several years back) but the concept of having a live choir combined with a global “virtual” choir via Skype is seriously nerdly and creative. Enjoy.

Windward Notes – Reflections on a Decade #10 (And So Here We Are)

by WCS Blogmeister

Back in October I aimlessly pounded out some thoughts on the EvolutionĀ of our merry band but I think there’s more to explore. I’m specifically pondering the music that we sing and how we sing it. We started those many moons ago (2008? Wow.) with music that challenged us but was never over-the-top crazy hard. The […]

Windward Notes – Cleared For Takeoff

by WCS Blogmeister

The view from my office overlooks the intersection of several runways at the airport, a source of constant entertainment as things come and go. I’ve even found a place on the interweb where I can listen to the tower and really get a feel for what I’m seeing. There’s a LOT going on and I’m […]

Windward Notes – When You Feel It

by WCS Blogmeister

Mrs. Blogmeister made a point of commenting on the celebration of Cam Shuford’s life…she said it was the most moving version of “‘O ‘Oe ‘Io” that she’d ever heard and it brought her (and most of the gathering) to tears. I was looking around a bit as we sang “Grace” and the same was true […]