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Windward Notes – Joy of the Month (Among the Trees)

by WCS Blogmeister

A line that always cracks me up… “If a man speaks in a forest and there is no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?” You can also apply it the Windward Choral Society, right? “If a choir sings in a hall and there is no audience, is it still beautiful?” You bet it […]

Windward Notes – I HATE Math, Even the Simple Stuff

by WCS Blogmeister

I was poking around on the interweb looking for additional information pertaining to the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. I have an old Schirmer Scores collection of all of his chorales that has been a great reference for any tinkering I’ve done with arranging harmonies and making things sound right. When it comes to the […]

Windward Notes – The Greatest Show on Wheels

by WCS Blogmeister

It’s one of the oldest bad jokes around… A tourist walking down 5th Avenue in New York sees a man carrying a violin case and, as they near each other on the sidewalk asks, “Excuse me but how do I get to Carnegie Hall?” Without breaking stride or the direction of his gaze the musician […]

Windward Notes – Singing the Brews

by WCS Blogmeister

You know the “fortune cookie” game right? (News flash…they ain’t edible…yuck). Depending on the age of your companions, you read the little piece of paper with the oh-so-generic line on it and then add something like “in bed” or “after the lights go out” to give it an entirely new meaning. Never fails to add […]