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Windward Notes – Not the One Who Takes Tickets On the Train

by WCS Blogmeister

So we get this big pile of music in a few weeks and then Susie starts teaching us how they’re supposed to (going to) sound and she waves her arms and makes funny faces and eventually it all comes together. But what happened before that? What did our fearless leader do? Having done this kind […]

Windward Notes – (Vocal) Fry Me To The Moon

by WCS Blogmeister

I’ve been singing in some sort of organized, conducted choral music since I was in the 6th grade so it’s not often that I run into something applicable to choral singing that I’ve never heard of before. Today I did and 1) it makes sense, 2) it tracks with similar stuff in life that also […]

Windward Notes – The Scarecrow Said It

by WCS Blogmeister

I haven’t had the occasion to do much (okay…any) singing this summer. Way too many events, visitors and home improvement projects have chewed up my days like locusts through a wheat field. At least the TV hasn’t take up much of my time. No summer sports I care about and the steaming pile of reality […]

Windward Notes – Granite, Granite Everywhere

by WCS Blogmeister

This has exactly nada to do with singing but is my version of celebrating being alive. Until I found this on YouTube I didn’t even know the technology existed to make this kind of video but I love how they used it! The result is a complete sphere of view, just click and drag in […]

Windward Notes – Thank You, Mrs. C

by WCS Blogmeister

Warning: soapbox standing to follow. I bet I’m not the only person whose most influential teacher was a conductor. Thanks to the small community I grew up in, I had the same choir director from 6th grade all the way through the end of high school and she had a profound effect on my life. […]

Windward Notes – Simple Joy

by WCS Blogmeister

One of the things about my mother that really struck a chord with her then-teenage son was her role in the University of Vermont’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, specifically that arm of it that dealt with the care and treatment of children who were radically developmentally disabled and saw little for their future beyond constant care. […]