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Windward Notes – Reflections on a Decade #2 (Leading Questions)

by WCS Blogmeister

Note: a little ahead of the monthly schedule but I thought it would be a good read prior to open house. —– When in doubt, go to the source. The only one of our merry band that’s been part of the Windward Choral Society MORE than 10 years…’cause she started the thing. I give you […]

Windward Notes – Mismatched Matches

by WCS Blogmeister

There are some words that just go together. The two add up to something that makes perfect sense and there’s no confusion about what’s going on. Some examples: “Richly Decorated” “Regular Exercise” “Excruciating Pain” (yeah, it’s not much fun but they DO go together well) “Vaguely Remember” “Get Drunk” (which leads to the “vaguely remember” […]

Windward Notes – Reflections on a Decade #1 (Her and Us and Them)

by WCS Blogmeister

This begins a series of monthly blog entries focusing on our 10th year and all of the fun, laughs, tears, bizarro warm-ups, even more bizarro international music and…well…everything that took that that first group of a couple dozen curious singers (and not-so-singers) through the journey that’s gotten us to this milestone. And evolved us and […]

Windward Notes – Doo-Doot-Do-Doodley-Do

by WCS Blogmeister

A few months back I pounded aimlessly on my keyboard about how to sing the intervals between notes to assist in sight reading:  and prior to that a piece about a song that was really helpful in understanding those intervals. I assume that you’ve read and memorized them and gotten a tattoo of the really good […]