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Windward Notes – Taking a Journey

by WCS Blogmeister

Yeah, concerts are cool but that’s only a few nights a year, right? If we didn’t like gathering for a few hours each week to rehearse it wouldn’t matter HOW cool a concert is…we wouldn’t show up. And if the simple act of singing was the reason we gathered…shoots, we can do that in the […]

Windward Notes – Movin’ to the Groovin’

by WCS Blogmeister

I discovered (purely by accident of course) two ways to make a choir sound better. I’m certain there are many, many more but these two happened last weekend and I thought I’d share them for your consideration (and attempting). Many of the Windward Choral Society regulars will remember “Siyahamba (We Are Marching)” from years past. […]

Windward Notes – So Complex It’s Simple

by WCS Blogmeister

Ah, the sandwich. Put something yummy between two slices of bread and experience nirvana (unless it’s liverwurst or pimento loaf…that’s just nasty). Few dishes cover such a broad spectrum of ingredients, textures and flavors. Consider the most basic of the basic…two slices of bread with a slice of cheese in the middle. Butter the outsides […]

Windward Notes – Re-Combobulation

by WCS Blogmeister

So one of the members of my Sunday morning choir had a crappy week last week. Car broke down, cost big bucks to fix, had to cancel a trip because of it…and is the mother of a teenager. Ouch. Our regular schedule is to rehearse after the church service to get the next Sunday’s anthem […]