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Windward Notes – It’s Sounds Like “Cole-Bear”

by WCS Blogmeister

Ever since the old “Colbert Report” folded up the tent (no longer on the DVR) and Stephen moved to the “Late Show” (a regular on the DVR) the Blogmeisters rarely miss the show. I’m a big fan of satire and his interviews are not the same “tell me about your new movie” fluff. The other […]

Windward Notes – Mahalo to Karen

by WCS Blogmeister

Kona Choral Society member Karen Valentine posted the following on the Chorus Connection site following the KCS concert in honor of African-American History Month, “Guide My Feet: A Celebration of African-American Gospel and Spirituals.” Regardless of what in the world is spinning around you, a moment of reflection on the depth and power of music is […]

Windward Notes – Bang That Thang

by WCS Blogmeister

The human animal is in essence a pretty simple thing when you peel away all the leisure suits and sunglasses. It’s really just stimulus and reaction that you can break down into five basic pieces: Stimulus: thirsty Reaction: drink Stimulus: hungry Reaction: eat Stimulus: cold Reaction: seek shelter Stimulus: big animal looking at me knows […]

Windward Notes – Note-Colored Glasses (Part 2)

by WCS Blogmeister

Last week I talked about the rhythm part of sight reading, this week it’s time to dive into the arcane world of notes. No, no, don’t run away…it’s not as scary as you think. As Maria Von Trapp presented it, “Let’s start at the very beginning” with the simple DO-RE-MI scale. (Back when I was […]