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Windward Notes – Standing Tall

by WCS Blogmeister

You never think about how bright the lights are at a sporting event. Not the ones where you’re sitting up in the stands but the ones pointing at the field/court/rink/whatever. It’s all lit up so you can see what’s going on and, if there’s a camera or two, it’s probably even more so. Heck, we […]

Windward Notes – Reflections on a Decade #5 (Evolution)

by WCS Blogmeister

When I was living in Connecticut attending the Navy Nuclear Power Prototype School I got a letter from my mother in Vermont (email was still light years away) that had a quarter taped to it in the upper right hand corner and a blurry postmark on top of that. It was truly odd and prompted […]

Windward Notes – Reflections on a Decade #4 (The Hormel Can)

by WCS Blogmeister

The weirdness of this little corner of the mighty web isn’t 10 years old, it was begun as a bit of weekly silliness 2 1/2 years ago. I have no idea how many people actually read it but at least the time I spend slamming the computer is time I’m not spending in bars. The […]

Windward Notes – Finding the Light

by WCS Blogmeister

Auditions are a drag. Auditions are not fun. Auditions are scary. Auditions are stressful. I hate them and want them to crawl into a hole so I can pour dirt and concrete over the top of the hole and then bomb it into oblivion. Pardon my subtlety. I suspect that I’m not the only one […]

Windward Notes – I’ll Have a Chocolate Chip Cookie

by WCS Blogmeister

From the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), a non-profit based in the UK, a research paper entitled, “Impact of arts education on the cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes of school-aged children. A review of evidence” by Beng Huat See and Dimitra Kokotsaki, Durham University. Just so ya’ know, this was not a study of the arts but […]