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Windward Notes – Piles and Piles of Good Stuff

by WCS Blogmeister

Today your trusty Blogmeister has a gift for you. Short and sweet blog entry but hours of fun for you elsewhere! If you’re not too deep into the realm of nerd/geek, you may not know about what a “wiki” is. Sure, you’ve probably seen Wikipedia but that’s only one little corner of a larger collaborative […]

Windward Notes – Joy of the Month (Chew on the Bamboo!)

by WCS Blogmeister

I just wanted to share the talent of one our musicians who played a huge part in the success of the 2014 Joy of Music International Style. Kauai’s Kyle Chew is a master of the Shakuhachi Japanese bamboo flute who volunteered to play on the foyer of the Ko’olau ballroom as one of a series […]

Windward Notes – Tag Team

by WCS Blogmeister

What happens when a bass records a concert and a tenor edits it? Good things. Below are links you can copy and send to family and friends to share the magic of the recent “Frozen Friday” concert. The files are pretty large so the downloads will take a few minutes to load but the sound […]

Windward Notes – Blue Pants, Red Stripes

by WCS Blogmeister

There are partnerships that just seem to work. Ben & Jerry’s, Briggs & Stratton, ham & cheese, bananas and peanut butter (trust me, it’s awesome), the list is endless. For the Windward Choral Society, the one that rises above all the rest is with our dear friends from Kaneohe, the Marine Forces Pacific Band. Under […]

Windward Notes – Drop the Hammer

by WCS Blogmeister

If you ask someone what their favorite piece of choral music is, chances are you’re going to get something on a short list. Beethoven’s 9th, Bach’s mass in B minor, etc. However, if you then ask, “What about the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’?”, you’ll often see some confusion and internal conflict (assuming that Handel’s monster wasn’t their […]