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WIndward Notes – Oh My Guinevere

by WCS Blogmeister

Back when I was a young Blogmeister I got to see a live performance of the musical “Camelot”. This was the reprisal of the show where Robert Goulet, Lancelot in the movie, was now playing the part of King Arthur as part of a touring show. (News flash: Bob could really, really sing.) It’s a […]

Windward Notes – She’s Trainable

by WCS Blogmeister

Versions of this have been bouncing around the interweb for quite some time; I’ve taken the liberty of massaging it a little. Enjoy. The following rules are intended as a guide to the development of habits which will promote the proper type of relationship between singers in the tenor section and the conductor. Complain about […]

Windward Notes – Yaaawwnnn…

by WCS Blogmeister

The Blogmeister has a job (stop laughing, I really do) that demands he roll out of bed somewhere around 5:30 am each morning. Which means that, if he wants 7-8 hours of sleep, nighty-night needs to happen between 9:30 and 10:30. Most evenings this is no big deal. I have, after all, been up since […]

Windward Notes – On Your Feet!

by WCS Blogmeister

When the Blogmeister family moved into their current house one of the first things I did was to build a couple of sturdy workbenches in the garage. Mr. and Mrs. Blogmeister both have hobbies that keep them busy when time allows (Mrs. Blogmeister is the talented and creative one; I’m just a reasonable talentless tinkerer). […]