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Windward Notes – A Game to Play

by WCS Blogmeister

Last night was the full moon rise out of the Pacific, something the Blogmeister clan loves to enjoy. We’ve been skunked a bunch this winter but yesterday evening was crystal clear with barely a whisper of wind…yay. We brought the beach chairs (and a fine Pinot Noir) and basked in the moonlight. Most excellent. So […]

Windward Notes – Practice Makes Permanent

by WCS Blogmeister

So that was fun…sectional rehearsals. There’s no better way to hammer notes into your brain than sectional rehearsals. But wait…that’s wrong. There IS a better way. Now that Susie (or Alec, thanks for helping) did the aforementioned hammering, it’s the perfect time to go to Chorus Connection and go over what was done. That will […]