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Windward Notes – Dude, Nice Shirt

by WCS Blogmeister

One of the things that has kept things fun and interesting for the Windward Choral society has been collaborative events with other groups. It’s always educational and enjoyable to see and hear what other choirs are up to. The recent holiday concert hosted by the always-energetic Dr. Fan was a great example. There was everything from […]

Windward Notes – NOT Pearly White

by WCS Blogmeister

“Weird Al” Yankovic has made a career out of mocking popular music and he’s great at it. I still remember the first time he twisted around a tune by Queen to come up with “Another One Rides the Bus”. Hilarious and very clever (and I still crack up every time I hear Freddy Mercury sing the […]

Windward Notes – Blognac Speaks

by WCS Blogmeister

If you’re of a certain age (I ain’t sayin’ how old…the Blogmeister is smarter than THAT), you’ll remember Carnac the Magnificent, a recurring bit on the “Tonight Show” back when Johnny Carson was the king of late night television (sorry Dave, but Johnny was the best ever, no contest). He’d don a massive hat and […]

Windward Notes – How Much is “Less”?

by WCS Blogmeister

  Things that end poorly when one or two of something important is missing: Bike rides -> missing some spokes (thud) Skydiving -> missing some parachute lines (THUD!) NFL running back with the ball -> missing some offensive linemen (run) Lion exhibit -> missing some cage bars (RUN!) Choral concert -> missing a single voice […]