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Windward Notes – Who You Callin’ Old?

by WCS Blogmeister

I’ve always been a believer that a blog post that’s simpy a link from somebody else is just lazy. Rules, however, are made to be broken and this one that Susie sent out is an exception. Just plain cool stuff, enjoy. New York Times, Singing Their Way Through Retirement I feel younger already!

Windard Notes – No, She’s Not Snowboarding

by WCS Blogmeister

Before we move on the regular silliness I had to share the best spam post the blog has seen in a loooong time…somebody actually registered on the site so send me this: “Today, I went to the beаch front with mү kids. I found a sea sheⅼl and ցave it to my 4 year old […]

Windward Notes – Where It All Began

by WCS Blogmeister

I haven’t really been a please-add-your-comments-to-create-a-blog-entry guy but I just couldn’t resist this one time. I was digging through a mountain of choral music in the library of my choir director gig and ran into some pieces that I remember singing in church back about a thousand years or so and had a thought (stop […]