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Windward Notes – My Shrinking Head

by WCS Blogmeister

With apologies to our own dear Rita, why is the psychiatrist or psychologist’s answer to pretty much anything, “And how does that make you feel?” If it made the patient feel good there’s an excellent chance he or she wouldn’t be talking to the shrink, right? (An aside, where did the whole “shrink” thing come […]

Windward Notes – Mama Did It

by WCS Blogmeister

I’ll apologize in advance for this and warn you not to read on if you’re allergic to groaning. The Blogmeister’s mom and long list of friends are big time into forwarding emails around the planet (she’s old school…still has an AOL account) and when something is particularly horrific she assaults her only son with it. […]

Windward Notes – And Your Little Dog Too

by WCS Blogmeister

There’s a Hawaiian music channel on Time Warner Cable’s menu (channel 800 if you didn’t know) and there’s always a lot of Iz. I was puttering in the kitchen yesterday when his version of “Over the Rainbow” came on. Yeah, he got the words wrong and tinkered with the melody a bit but’s it’s still […]

Windward Notes – Joy of the Month (Bruce the Shark)

by WCS Blogmeister

We all recognize the eerie¬†John Williams¬†two-note theme that grows into a serious bit of panic. When “Jaws” came out in 1975 I went to see it with my mother (safety tip: don’t go to scary movies with your mother unless you want to lose an arm…when the guy’s head rolled out of the sunken boat […]

Windward Notes – We’re Going WHERE!?

by WCS Blogmeister

Whether this is your first year singing with the Windward Choral Society or you’ve been around for all nine, we’re all at that magical crossroads that appears after a few rehearsals. Now that we’ve sung everything a little and some things a few times there are two thoughts that climb up the back of the […]