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Windward Notes – The Forrest for the Threes

by WCS Blogmeister

The abstract from this thesis, emphasis added by me: “Dan Forrest’s Requiem for the Living is a recent composition that is quickly gaining attention in the choral world. The work exhibits unique aspects of Forrest’s compositional voice in his Requiem, including his textual changes from an original Requiem, formal designs and overall organization, melodic and rhythmic […]

Windward Notes – Boxers or Briefs

by WCS Blogmeister

Hanging out with some friends near a beachfront store where I worked I was shocked to see someone untying the surfboards on top of my car (’71 super beetle, no passenger seat and a piece of plywood on the floor so water wouldn’t splash up when it rained…a true collector’s item). As you might imagine […]

Windward Notes – This Tape Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds

by WCS Blogmeister

“The primary purpose and mission of the Windward Choral Society is to promote the joy, love, appreciation and value of multi-cultural choral music within the Windward O‘ahu community through a non-auditioned community-based chorus made up of mixed voices (SATB) from high school ages and up who are residents throughout the Island of O‘ahu.” You’d be […]

Windward Notes – EGO = Everyone Gets Ornery

by WCS Blogmeister

I’m not usually much for warm-fuzzy-new-age-feel-good stuff but sometimes you have to go (at least partway) there. I’ve been reading a choir director’s blog on “choral ethics” and had no idea what was out there. I’ve sung in some less-than-loving choirs but WHOA. Here’s a sample of what she’s written about and my take on […]