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Windward Notes – A Place For Thanks

by WCS Blogmeister

No long musings in the land of rehearsals, brining a turkey, getting the grill rotisserie figured out for said turkey, a vat of gravy the size of a bathtub, deciding how to stuff five side dishes into an oven built for three, dinner for 15 (!), locking the cat in the office with the litter […]

Windward Notes – What You Lookin’ At?

by WCS Blogmeister

Incoming… The Joy of Music is about to launch itself again, an evening sure to be a grand combination of fun, entertainment, heartwarming moments and (we hope) a successful fundraiser for our merry band of singers. Whether attending as a dinner guest or just participating as a member of the chorus, I can tell you […]

Windward Notes – And Nobody Got Hurt

by WCS Blogmeister

Ah, that one rehearsal…the over-the-hump rehearsal. The hey-it’s-starting to make sense rehearsal. The run-through-the-whole-show-and-nobody-got-hurt rehearsal. It’s always a little scary when the boss says we’re going to do all the pieces in one evening to figure out “where we’re at” (as she so eloquently calls it). There’s always a little voice in your head that […]