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In a New Language

by WCS Blogmeister

Many thanks to Tom Kimball for this…the beautiful “‘O ‘Oe ‘Io” in Maori along with a great recording of it done in both Hawaiian and this new version. Very cool! KO KOE IO, MATUA TE KORE (You are y lo, the Self Existent One) KO KOE IO, TE WAIORA (You are’lo, the Source of Life) […]

Back in the Saddle

by WCS Blogmeister

Must be that time… The blog took a break as I had pretty much run out of things to say but the brain of the Blogmeister seems to have opened up a synapse that had lain dormant and it’s time to crank the machine up again. Feel free to run screaming into the deepest corners […]