Choral Director Susan Duprey on HPR

by Nicole Sakata

Craig DeSilva of Evening Concert interviewed Susie on his radio show to talk about her favorite Christmas Carols and Why. The show aired on KHPR on November 30, 2022. To give it a listen CLICK HERE!    

Wait…What Happened There?

by WCS Blogmeister

I played in my first orchestra in 1971 (yeah, I’m old…stifle it) as a less-than-expert holder of a tuba in my lap. Since I read the bass clef reasonably well, I transitioned to the string bass in 1974. Being pretty short and not very talented, I was worse at that instrument than I was with […]

I Love Surprises

by WCS Blogmeister

It’s really fun being part of the audience at a Windward Choral Society concert. Scanning the group as the singing rolls out is an amazing contrast in styles and presentation; some very serious, some with big smiles, some absolutely CANNOT stand still…good fun. It also can, from time to time, yield a surprise or two. […]

That Thing You Did in Science Class

by WCS Blogmeister

So you’re a few weeks into the semester, you’ve rehearsed everything a couple of times and the panic you felt at the open house has begun to subside…now what? You’ve heard (about a zillion times) to spend time with the music outside the rehearsal hall but, besides singing it, what should you do? I’d recommend […]

Singin’ and a-Ringin’

by WCS Blogmeister

A grand adventure at our rehearsal host Kailua United Methodist church! Several WCS members were kind enough to join in as the handbell choir joined the KUMC choir and tenor Daniel Heathcock on the piano (the regular accompanist was ringing bells) for an arrangement composed by our own Wim Blees from the bass section. Good […]

In a New Language

by WCS Blogmeister

Many thanks to Tom Kimball for this…the beautiful “‘O ‘Oe ‘Io” in Maori along with a great recording of it done in both Hawaiian and this new version. Very cool! KO KOE IO, MATUA TE KORE (You are y lo, the Self Existent One) KO KOE IO, TE WAIORA (You are’lo, the Source of Life) […]

Back in the Saddle

by WCS Blogmeister

Must be that time… The blog took a break as I had pretty much run out of things to say but the brain of the Blogmeister seems to have opened up a synapse that had lain dormant and it’s time to crank the machine up again. Feel free to run screaming into the deepest corners […]

Windward Notes – A Game to Play

by WCS Blogmeister

Last night was the full moon rise out of the Pacific, something the Blogmeister clan loves to enjoy. We’ve been skunked a bunch this winter but yesterday evening was crystal clear with barely a whisper of wind…yay. We brought the beach chairs (and a fine Pinot Noir) and basked in the moonlight. Most excellent. So […]

Windward Notes – Practice Makes Permanent

by WCS Blogmeister

So that was fun…sectional rehearsals. There’s no better way to hammer notes into your brain than sectional rehearsals. But wait…that’s wrong. There IS a better way. Now that Susie (or Alec, thanks for helping) did the aforementioned hammering, it’s the perfect time to go to Chorus Connection and go over what was done. That will […]