Last night was the full moon rise out of the Pacific, something the Blogmeister clan loves to enjoy. We’ve been skunked a bunch this winter but yesterday evening was crystal clear with barely a whisper of wind…yay. We brought the beach chairs (and a fine Pinot Noir) and basked in the moonlight.

Most excellent.

So as I was driving over H3 on my way to work this morning, STILL enjoying the full moon now shining down from the western sky, it occurred to me that such a thing would always have a soundtrack if it was in a movie. Doesn’t everything? And, depending on that soundtrack, how would it change the perception of the viewing of the exact same thing?

So try this…imagine a moment that moved you. A moonrise, a sunrise, the opening of a butterfly’s wings, a smile forming on the face of a baby…anything that starts slowly and then blossoms into something epic. Then start tinkering with the background music. For the moonrise I might go with…

Big things:
The theme from “2001 A Space Odyssey”
“Fanfare For the Common Man” by Aaron Copland
The “Hallelujah Chorus”
“The Storm is Passing Over”

Gentler things:
“Fly Me to the Moon” sung by Frank Sinatra
The “Pacho” section of “Tres Cantos” (yeah, that would be pretty cool)
“‘O ‘Oe ‘Io” or “Ua Mau”

And then the truly absurd but still kinda fun:
“Back in Black” by AC/DC


A fun little exercise to play with, especially when you’re stuck in traffic.